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As per agreement executed between and signed by the artist, Turhan Selçuk and Osman Uslu, Chairman of Board of GROUP BIZ on 14.12.2006, all financial rights of the works of art under “Abdülcanbaz” included in and covered by the said agreement are wholly transferred to BİZ A.Ş., a GROUP BIZ company, with no limitation on the place, number and content.

All rights of this agreement is the property of BİZ A.Ş and BİZ A.Ş. is the sole propriator of such. This agreement is fully applicable both nationwide and internationally and all work and all the rights of all work concerning Abdülcanbaz, including signs, sounds and/or images is the property of BİZ A.Ş. including the rights of all kinds and modes of representation, printing and publication, re-printing, reproducing or transmission to individuals or the public, in any form or by any means, electronical, digital or mechanical, and recording or any information storage and retrieval system by way of trade or otherwise.

GROUP BIZ is happy to bring the adventures of Abdülcanbaz together with the comic fans in Turkey and all over the world both in print and digital media via its Cafe City Publications and Digital Tree Publishing, both of which are also under the GROUP BIZ umbrella.

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